Dreamboat Holiday Home at Puri

Dreamboat now has its own holiday home consisting of 3 rooms, at Niladri-II, Diganta Lane (locally called Diganta Gali) , Swargadwar.


As you cross the Swargadwar, take the first right lane known as Diganta Gali. Walk straight for about 3 minutes to reach Niladri – I, II and III. Our rooms are on the ground floor of Niladri-II.

Sea Beach – 4-5 minutes’ walk
Subzi/Fish Market – 5-6 minutes’ walk
Jagannath Mandir – 15 minutes’ walk


3 spacious rooms, each with attached bath (fitted with WC) and kitchenette. All rooms have cable TV, utensils for cooking and serving food (no extra charge for using utensils), double bed, chairs etc. You only have to pay for the burner and the gas cylinder. Charges for the gas cylinder will be on the basis of usage.

Support Service

You can either cook yourself or engage a cook for a nominal charge. Similarly, you hire a maid for washing utensils against a nominal charge.

Bookings Open Call: 83370 51933

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